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About the 'Flüchtlingsbüro'

Funded by the Asyl-, Migrations- und Integrationsfonds of the European Union, the state of Lower Saxony and the UNHCR

About us:

The Flüchtlingsbüro Hannover emerged from the work of kargah (previously 'Iranian Community') in 1991. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) there are around 27 million refugees world wide. About two thirds of them are women and children. Less than 5 per cent of the refugees reach Europe, and only 1 per cent of those who do, end up in Germany. Here, a highly complex asylum process awaits them which – after the often traumatic experiences of persecution, flight and an unsure future – is highly unsettling and often incomprehensible. Getting advice and information is therefore absolutely necessary, as is general support with the integration process. We promote the equality between genders and all migrant groups as well as all human rights.

In addition to the general advice services for refugees, the work with female refugees has emerged as a focus of much of our work. We think that there should be a comprehensive support structure for women in the asylum process and demand that women are given leave to remain independently from the day they enter the country. Gender specific reasons for fleeing their country as well as persecution because of a lesbian/gay lifestyle should be viewed as valid reasons for claiming asylum.

We organise educational events and discussion forums that deal with topics such as “violence against women” and “the rights of migrants and refugees”. In addition to the individual support for refugees which we provide, we want to be a place from which new forms of co-operation and model projects emerge. In our daily work with refugees we have to communicate with local authorities and ministries as well as political parties and other bodies. We try to use these contacts to promote the interests of refugees at different levels. Through the project “Kooperative Migrationsarbeit Niedersachsen” we are building links with other organisations and social workers who are working with refugees and migrants. Finally, we helped found the organisation “Arbeitsgemeinschaft MigrantInnen und Flüchtlinge in Niedersachsen” (AMFN) and foster the exchange with other refugee or women’s organisations.

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