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Flüchtlingsbüro – advice services for migrants and refugees


  • Did you arrive in Germany as a refugee?
  • Or have you been living in Germany for a long time and you still don’t have a secure residence permit?
  • Or do you not possess valid papers for staying in Germany?
  • Or have you experienced violence, because you are a woman or homosexual?
  • Or are you under 18 years of age and have come to Germany by yourself?
  • Do you have any questions concerning your asylum procedure or your residency?
  • You don’t know which authorities can help you?
  • Do you wish to know which rights you have with the residence permit you hold?
  • Do you need help to understand the letters you receive from German authorities?
  • Do you want to work, go to school or start vocational training or do you want to study in Germany?
  • Are you ill, alone or are you afraid?


We can inform you about your legal situation in Germany.

We can help you to contact the authorities.

We can support you if you have questions concerning schools, training, work and language courses.

We can help you to find a medical practitioner or a female doctor, a psychologist or a female therapist.

We can help you to find a male lawyer or a female lawyer and also to find help from other advice services.


We speak many languages, for example Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese and Russian.

We do not pass on any information to third parties.  
Our advice service is free of charge.

Please call us and get an appointment!


If you have questions concerning residency and your asylum procedure:
Tel.: (0511) 12 60 78 - 15

If you have no papers for staying in Germany:
Tel.: (0511) 12 60 78 -16

If you have a Duldung or want to apply for your case to be considered by the hardship commission:
Tel.: (0511) 12 60 78 -12/-13

If you have questions concerning work, vocational training, schools or language courses:
Tel.: (0511) 12 60 78 -16

If you need someone that translates for you or an interpreter:
Tel.: (0511) 12 60 78 -16

Kontaktstudium: Pädagogische Kompetenz in der Migrationsgesellschaft

Kontaktstudium: Pädagogische Kompetenz in der Migrationsgesellschaft

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Zur Bettfedernfabrik 1
30451 Hannover

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