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Documentation of the international conference

Internationale Fachkonferenz

"Homosexuality in the context of forced marriage"


Situation of those affected,

Measures and legal fundamentals

in country comparison

German, Switzerland,

England and Turkey

In the year 2010, the team of the Lower Saxony crisis line against forced marriage / kargah e.V. cooperated on request of the Turkish-German Women's Association e.V. (papatya protection facility) at the two-year Daphne-project "3 P-Projects = Prevention, Protection, Prosecution".

In the end, the project had fought and reduced discrimination against women and young girls from the Iranian, Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish and Afghan communities that live in Great Britain and Germany.

In the frame of this, the crisis line / kargah e.V. has organised the international conferece "Homosexuality in the context of forced marriage - situation of those affected, measures and legal fundamentals in country comparison of Germany, Switzerland, England and Turkey" on the 19th October 2012 in Hanover.

The international conference is directed at approx. 100 skilled staff and professional that are active in the counselling area of forced marriage / homosexuality nationwide. The aim of the proessional conference was to clarify the situation of homosexuals in migrant milieus that are affected by forced marriage and violence in the name of "honour". Six referents from different countries have clarified the existing auxilary- and trading offers in the country comparison of Germany, Switzerland, England and Turkey.


Here you can order for free the documentation of the professional conference against postage free: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ich Entscheide

The film "ICH entscheide" is conceived so that courageous girls and young women who have defended themselves against forced marriage tell their true stories.

These examples from reality are suitable to give courage to other women that are affected or at risk and to show ways on how they can decide their own freedom.

"ICH entscheide" is an appeal to young women to bravely take their lives into their own hands.

Yeni Hayatim - My new life

Yeni Hayatim

Nowadays a lot of women still don't know the feeling of freedom in our society. Therefore the Lower Saxony crisis telephone against forced marriage / kargah e.V. developed the project "Yeni Hayatim - My new life". The project was carried out from February 2008 until the end of the year.

After the financing of the project was secured, the youth center Mühlenberg, the leisure center Mühlenberg "Weiße Rose" and the IGS Mühlenberg found that they are willing to cooperate. The activities that were conducted within the project and the reflection of the participants are held on the present DVD

This intercultural and sociocultural participation project should show how diverse the possibility is to make your own life independently and without constraint. The participants aged 13 to 16 years learnt, among other things in role-playing games, dancing and a trip to a high rope course, to be free, strong and independent and to say "no".

Mein neues Leben

Rental agreement as PDF


traveling exhibition "Starke Mädchen" ("Strong Girls")


In the frame of the project "Yeni Hayatim - My new life", a series of photos that were seen in the traveling exhibition "Starke Mädchen" have arisen. The first part of the exhibition introduces the "Strong Girls" of the youth center Mühlenber in Hanover, whilst the second part, 23 students of the IGS Mühlenberg represent the theme "say no".


The 40 photos of the exhibition can be completely or partly borrowed. Appointments must be inquired beforehand.

Photographer: Sohelia Hadipour

Funded by: Region Hannover / Land Niedersachsen,

LHH Referat für Frauen und Gleichstellung

Organiser: Kargah e.V. / Nds. Krisentelefon gegen Zwangsheirat

c/o Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3, 30451 Hannover-Linden

Tel.: 0511 / 12 60 78 26

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Materials about forced marriage

Materials from Krisentelefon / kargah e.V.


Slides for the crisis line against forced marriage

Files and facts about forced marriage in Lower Saxony

 Slides as PDF


Information luggage - for the preventive work - AGAINST forced marriage


The Lower Saxony crisis line AGAINST forced marriage has put together a information luggage for the preventive work AGAINST forced marriage. The info material in this luggage is not primarily intended to report and clarify forced marriage, but it is more about the strengthening of self-conciseness of young people - especially girls and young women. The motto is: from the practice for the practice. All ideas and suggestions are based on long years of practical experience.

the following content can be found in this luggage (PDF file)

For the luggage, a fee of 50 € + postage is charged. In case there is an interest on your side to order this luggage, please contact:
c/o kargah e.V.
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Film production „Ich wehre mich gegen Zwangsehe"- ein nicht alltägliches Beispiel“ ("I defend myself against forced marriage" - a not everyday example")


In this 20-minute SUANA produced film, the 19 year old migrant "Yasmin" reports how she could defend herself against forced marriage with the support of the counselling office SUANA. The film is based on a true story.

SUANA received a fax from the foreigner's authority, in which Yasmin wrote that she was taken to Turkey by her parents, and was to be married to a man there against her own will. SUANA made contact with the counselling office Lila Dach (Mor Cati) in Turkey and organised the escape of Yasmin from Turkey to Germany.

An important aspect of the film was to show the cooperation of the various institutions. In the film, the successful networking between the counselling office SUANA, the foreigner's office, the women's shelter and the counseeling office Lila Dach was presented.

This movie was filmed in cooperation with the "Department for Women and Equality" and the "Department for intercultural affairs" and can be lent to institutions and groups for public relations.

For your order:
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Materials of AG forced marriage Hanover

Conference documentation:

Forced marriage,

Domestic violence,

Honour killings

In the frame of the Round Tables of the Hanoverian intervention program against male violence in the family (HAIP) has invited the department for intercultural Affairs and the department for Women and Equality to a specialist conference in May 2005. The themes were forced marriage, domestic violence and honour killings. With this conference, the organisers also wanted to initiate the debate in Hanover and organise support for affected women.

All presentations are contained in the conference documentation, which can be downloaded as a PDF-file  at the department for intercultural affairs of the city of Hanover.

Landeshauptstadt Hannover (Hg.): Zwangsheirat, Häusliche Gewalt, Ehrenmorde; Dokumentation der Fachkonferenz am 21.06.2005

Materials of AG forced marriage Hanover - 2

Test phase of the survey on the subject forced marriage

The present analysis gives back a picture of 5 months. The results make it clear that it would make sense to expand this survey and include all facilities that are confronted with this subject.

Who decides who you marry?


This leaflet is aimed at girls and young women who are affected by forced marriage and run the risk of being married abroad. When girls and young women are first abroad, it is more difficult to return back to Germany. Therefore precautionary measures, the right to return to Germany, residence rights questions and the competence bodies for auxiliary facilities are informed about in Germany and abroad.

Forced marriage in Germany

Introduction to miscellany on the topic "forced marriage in Germany"

On the 10th of September a miscellany on the topic "forced marriage in Germany" was introduced in the federal press conference. The tape is issued by the Federal Ministry for Women, Seniors, Family and Youth was conceptually developed and was editorially supervised by the German Institute for human rights.

Combating forced marriage

Combating forced marriage - effectively protect affected


The hand-out provides information about the situation in which those affected find themselves in. It also intends to provide assistance in the selection and granting of help. It is among other things set out to have support options that are open to children and youth services and other social service providers in the context of forced marriage. The hand-out is directed at the skilled employees of children and youth services. It may also be of interest to other skilled workers and institutions that deal with the subject.

Unser Medienpartner

Medienpartner Welt in Hannover

Mehrsprachige Information zu Corona



Spendenaktion: Solidarisch mit Geflüchteten im eisigen Winter von Bosnien


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